Welcome to Kindergarten at Hume

Kindergarten gradual entry schedule revised Sept 1 Welcome to Hume School!

Here is a welcome message from the Kindergarten Teachers and Principal (click on the link to view the slideshow)

We have revised the gradual entry schedule for kindergarten which can be found attached below.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility with us!

Usually the kindergarten students begin school on a gradual entry schedule which means they will attend on a part-time basis over a period of three weeks, gradually increasing the time they spend with us.  This year, we will have to wait to see what Dr. Henry and the Minister of Education decides about September based on the number of cases of Covid-19 in British Columbia.  We know that this will be a challenge for parents, and greatly appreciate the accommodations you make. This gentle introduction to Kindergarten builds a solid foundation for school life by allowing children to adjust to their new environment, teacher and peers in a shorter school session. Introducing children to classroom routines and procedures gradually eases the transition for children so they feel comfortable and valued as new members of our school community. This also allows time for each family to meet with the teachers to share important information about their child and to build positive relationships between home and school.  The schedule will be finalized and emailed to you by the end of August.   At that time, it will also be available on our school website www.hume.sd8.bc.ca. In the meantime, we have linked the proposed schedule if we are back in school in the regular way in September. 

Hume School students do not need to buy school supplies. Instead we ask that parents pay a kindergarten fee of $40 for the school supplies used throughout the year.  We will issue you an invoice and these fees can be paid at the office by the end of September. You will need to provide a backpack, inside shoes (running shoes with non-marking soles are best as they will be used in the gym) and good outside clothing as we do spend part of each day outside.  

We always welcome your questions and comments. Feel free to contact us at the school at 250-352-3186 or via the email addresses listed below. 

Please note, there will not be a tea on September 8th.  


With thanks from your Kindergarten teachers,


Ms. Christine Brady                      cbrady@sd8.bc.ca 

Ms. Nashira Birch                         nashira.birch@sd8.bc.ca