Top 10 for Kindie Parents


#10 Arrival and Dismissal

Kindergarten students line up outside of the 3rd Street bottom door entrance to Hume School. To promote independence and establish our classroom routines, we kindly ask that parent/caregivers drop-off and pick-up kindergarten children outside the doors of the school. We recommend arriving about 10-15 minutes prior to the school bell to let children play and visit with their friends before the bell. Outdoor teacher supervision starts at 8:10 AM so you are free to leave your child to play. If you are late for school, you will need to enter the school at the main entrance and report to the office to check in and get a late slip. All doors, except the main entrance, are locked after the bell.

#9 Classroom Visitations

If you would like to visit the classroom or speak to the teachers, please do so after the children have been dismissed from school for the day. You can reach the kindergarten teachers by email or by calling Hume School.

#8 Backpacks, Inside Shoes and Extra Clothes

Kindergarten students will need a regular sized backpack for school. Please have your child carry, pack and zip up their own backpack for school. They will need to bring a complete change of clothes (labelled in a bag) and a pair of inside shoes (velcro or slips on shoes suitable for gym activities, also labelled) that will remain at school. Please have these at school for students by the first week of school.

#7 Mailbags and Parent Communication

In kindergarten we use a mailbag for communication back and forth from school to home. All money, permission slips, and notes for the teacher can be placed in the mailbag to be returned to school. Please check your child’s mailbag nightly, empty it and ensure that it returns to school each day. Mailbags will be distributed to students the first week of school.  When sending money with your child, please place in an envelope or baggie labelled with name and reason for payment.

#6 Food and Drink

All children will need to have a healthy snack and lunch for each full day of school. Please pack lunches in containers students can open independently. All students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day and are permitted to have it in the classroom. Labelling containers and water bottles significantly improves the chance of their return home.

#5 Popcorn Day/Hot Lunch

On Fridays Hume School’s PAC offers a popcorn snack and a hot lunch option for students. Information about this will be sent home in the mailbag later in September explaining the ordering procedure for these options.

#4 Dressing for the Weather and Playground Rules

We spend time outdoors in all seasons. Proper rain and snow gear is essential in Kindergarten. Kindergarten students must stay at the back of the school to play at recess and lunch until Spring Break. For safety, the steep banks on either side of the playground area are out of bounds for all students at Hume School before, during and after school. Children are taught how to use the playground equipment appropriately for cooperative play and safety. Hume school staff supervises the playground before school beginning at 8:10, at recess and at lunch each day.

#3 Library Books and Scholastic Book Orders

We have a fabulous library at Hume School. Kindergarten students will visit the library for a browse and book exchange weekly. Stay tuned for a note in the mailbag about your child’s library day when school starts. As an option, Scholastic Book Orders are offered monthly. Information about Scholastic will be sent home with the first book order forms. Books take about two weeks to arrive and will be sent home in your children’s backpack. If you would like to order books as a gift for your child please make a note of this on the order and your child’s teacher will make alternate arrangements for delivery.

#2 Toys from Home and “Show and Tell”

Each class has their own approach to “Show and Tell.” Information about this part of Kindergarten will be sent home once children are attending school for full days and will require parent participation. Bringing other toys from home to school is discouraged, as this often results in conflict, tears and lost toys.

#1 Report Cards and Parent/Teacher Interviews

Kindergarten students receive a Report Card in November, March, and June. These reports are meant to provide parents with a snapshot of their child’s progress.  Kindergarten teachers will conduct Parent/Teacher interviews for all students in November and by parent or teacher request in April. Interview times are scheduled by the classroom teacher. If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher at any other time, please contact them and they would be happy to meet with you.