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Remembrance Day Ceremony 2022

Hume Remembrance Day Ceremony

Date: November 10th, 2022
10:50 - 11:45 am
Doors Open to Guests: 10:35 am

Hello parents, guardians and care givers of Hume Elementary. Reminder that our 2022 Remembrance Day Ceremony is tomorrow (Thursday) November 10th at 10:50 (start). Doors open for guest entry at 10:35 am.

Please arrive before 10:50 am so as to not interrupt the ceremony.

The ceremony will be live in the gym with the opportunity for parents, guardians, and care givers to join us in the gymnasium. Our grade 4/5 student MC's (Liam Fehst and Liv Dolan) will guide us through the ceremony, which will include contributions from everyone in the school.

We are also welcoming our guest David Hogg as the piper for our ceremony.

This is a formal ceremony, so if it feels appropriate for your family, please have your child dressed for the occasion. Some classroom teachers have requested specific dress to accompany the class presentation.

We will have reminders to please remove hats and turn-off electronic devices prior to the start of the ceremony.

Thank you and hope to see lots of our families there.