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Grade 3 - Science Fair

Hume Elementary School                                               Mrs. Mushumanski’s Grade 3 Class

Since the beginning of the year, students in Mrs. Mushumanski’s grade 3 class have been finding ways to engage in science.  

Throughout the fall and in the new year, the students began to unpack the scientific method with a culminating opportunity to engage in choosing and executing an experiment and learning how to complete a science fair project.  

On March 14th, they held their annual science fair and were excited to invite LVR student judges, parents, family members, and other classes to view their projects. Students were encouraged to choose topics they were passionate about.  

Projects included topics exploring: electromagnets, the oxidation of bananas, crystal formation, and the effects of different sugars in baking to name a few.  

Congratulations to all of Mrs. Mushmanski's class on their hard work and amazing presentation skills.