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Djembe Drumming Performance

On Wednesday, January 10, the entire Hume School population was fortunate to have talented Djembe Music Teacher and Performer, Taylor Michael, share his passion and excitement for the Djembe drum. The presentation infused performance, Djembe learning, historical context, and geography relating to the roots of the Djembe African drum.

Hume School Music Teacher Mr. Nugent is himself is a percussionist and collaborated with Taylor Michael on stage. As well, 24 students from Hume School came up to support the lively performance. This was a wonderful organic experience that emerged because retired SD8 teacher John Schnare has a connection to Taylor and reached out to Hume School.

Thank you to Taylor Michael, Mr. Schnare, Mr. Nugent, and all staff and students who participated. What an energetic, enjoyable event!

Elementary school students sit cross-legged on a gymnasium floor while a performer plays the Djembe African drum and adults sit in chairs behind him against the gym wall.