From Joanne Beddoes to Hume School Community June 2018

From the desk of the Principal, June 2018:

I am very proud of so many things that happen here at Hume Elementary!!  I have many ideas from here that I will take with me to my new school and hope to build upon the successes they have there as well. Hume Elementary is a huge feather in my cap of experiences!! Words are hard to find to say how fortunate I feel to be a part of this school and the community.

Equally, I am glad to have worked with all of this staff, you and your children. I have my picture of Nelson that will hang proudly n my new space at Adam Robertson Elementary School. But, I will always have great memories of Hume!


Change is not easy, but an opportunity to grow and learn as part of a learning journey. I find that this change does bring with it a surge of new and different energy. Again, that opportunity to learn and grow. After all, working with new people in all walks of life, expands our own skills and perspectives that can enrich our lives and of those around us.  As we adapt to what’s new (and students do this every year), we can reflect on what’s most important to us, what we can make different and what’s okay to let go of.  Change really is an opportunity for everyone!

I know that I personally have gained so much from being here.  Thank you!


Enjoy your summer and new adventures!!