Holidays and Homework

Often teachers are asked to give homework over holidays or when families are taking holidays to help their child “keep up”. School has changed since we were all in school. It is no longer about the continued practice of skills and demonstration of learned facts. We engage the students in learning that is far more interactive; interactive with their peers, other students and other adults (like our pottery teacher, or swim instructor). We try to provide unique opportunities that build on their interests, and have them create evidence of their learning the “big ideas” that includes facts, skills, and a new way to interpret what we see in the world around us. These learning opportunities are not reduced to worksheets or fill in the blanks. Do not get me wrong though. Practice is a key part of building confidence and embedding skills so that we are ready for the next step but it isn’t the main focus of the day.
When you are on holidays there are a few things you can do to support your child’s continued practice of skills, but realize when these holidays are during the instructional days, they will miss out on other learning that cannot be sent or done separately.
So, asking for homework is possible and here are some ideas:
Рpractice spelling words or reading (take several books or magazines with you)
–¬†look at math facts and computations (make a game out of these)
-buy a fun journal to reflect on the great memories you are building with your child or draw something that either connects to your travels or is just creative.
– practice other forms of writing (about memories, stories, adventures along the way)

You are welcome to come ask me about further ideas you may have.

Thanks everyone.

Joanne Beddoes, Principal