Stay Informed this year with Schoolkit Hub app

September 16th 2021

District releases new version of mobile app

September is back to school month for the students and staff of SD8 Kootenay Lake and it is important to keep up to date with the rapidly changing nature of these times. To stay connected and remain informed this 2021-2022 school year, students, parents and guardians are being encouraged to download our district’s Schoolkit Hub mobile app.

The Schoolkit Hub mobile app provides users with the latest announcements, news, events and contact information about any of the district’s schools and many district departments. Once downloaded on a phone or tablet, a user can choose which school or district department they wish to receive information from. Notifications are sent whenever a new item is posted, as well as immediate alerts for emergency broadcasts or unscheduled closures. The mobile app is directly linked to school and district websites, so once content is published to the website newshub it automatically is pushed to the app as well.

Parents with multiple children can subscribe to one or more schools, and can also find school contact information, website links, and staff listings for each of the schools subscribed to.

The Schoolkit Hub App is intended to provide parents, students and staff with:

  • Up-to-date announcements, news, events and blog posts from your chosen schools and departments
  • Notifications from the district and/or school(s) of your choice
  • School calendar event notifications
  • School contact information with phone numbers, addresses
  • Staff listings with email links
  • Important bus route announcements
  • Make a Payment link
  • Report Absence feature
  • Emergency broadcast notices (i.e. snow days, closures, lockdowns)

Download the latest version now!

Direct Links to app store and google play.

Apple App Store     Google Play