Thank You Firefighters

By Janene Stein, Principal - Hume Elementary

We should just generally thank Firefighters on a regular basis. Today we were so happy to have them visit the school and share safety messages:

  • Practice your exit route out of every room in the house
  • Have a meeting place outside.
  • Phone 911 for police, fire and medical emergencies only.
  • Smoke detectors only last 10 years before you need a new one.
  • Change your smoke detector batteries every 6 months.

Not all heroes wear capes. Thanks Firefighters.

Janene Stein

By Janene Stein, Principal - Hume Elementary

Janene is a proud former student of Hume Elementary School and has been the Principal at Hume since September, 2018.  Prior to Hume, Janene was the Principal at Redfish Elementary.   She has her Masters of Education degree (U of Alberta) and a B.Ed from U of Victoria.  Her passions include outdoor education, supporting all learners and creating welcoming and supportive environments.