Principal's Message: October 25th, 2021

Good evening Hume School community. 

Hope this finds you all enjoying everything in autumn as the cooler weather and beautiful colors define each day.  Hard to believe two months have already gone by.  It has been so wonderful to work with all of your children.  The energy they bring to the building and grounds is exciting and uplifting. 

I recognize that each family faces a lot of emails each day in their daily inbox and that the school is a potential contributor to this.  In the coming months, we will be reminding families of the Hume website and Schoolkit Hub mobile app as excellent ways in which to stay up to date on everything at Hume.  Class Dojo also provides an excellent way to stay tuned to announcements at the school level, while feeling connected to the learning and activities happening for your child at the classroom level.  In the New Year (January 2022) the school will be transitioning its notifications almost entirely to the Hume website, Schoolkit Hub mobile app, and Class Dojo.  This will be an effort to reduce emails coming to your inbox.  We are providing some transition time for families to become used to using and accessing alternative sources of information.

The Schoolkit Hub mobile app provides users with the latest announcements, news, events, and contact information about any of the district’s schools and many district departments. Once downloaded on a phone or tablet, a user can choose which school or district department they wish to receive information from. Notifications are sent whenever a new item is posted, as well as immediate alerts for emergency broadcasts or unscheduled closures. The mobile app is directly linked to school and district websites, so once content is published to the website news hub it automatically is pushed to the app as well.

Parents with multiple children can subscribe to one or more schools, and can also find school contact information, website links, and staff listings for each of the schools subscribed to.

The Schoolkit Hub App is intended to provide parents, students, and staff with:

  • Up-to-date announcements, news, events, and blog posts from your chosen schools and departments
  • Notifications from the district and/or school(s) of your choice
  • School calendar event notifications
  • School contact information with phone numbers, addresses
  • Staff listings with email links
  • Important bus route announcements
  • Make a Payment link
  • Report Absence feature
  • Emergency broadcast notices (i.e. snow days, closures, lockdowns)

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.  The Hume School Website continues to be a great place to get more information on the school, see our calendar, and receive updates on school celebrations, principal messages, and announcements. The Schoolkit Hub App is an easily installed app for phones (android or iphone) to also receive updates. 

Important dates and details for the week ahead and beyond…

SD8 & Hume Elementary School calendar - Calendar | Hume Elementary School

  • Oct. 25th-29th- Halloween for Hunger: please send a food donation to school this week for the Nelson Food Centre. 
  • Oct. 29th – Halloween Costume Parade down 3rd street and class activities – please be aware of costume expectations.
  • November 1st – School-Based Pro-D
  • November 10th – Hume School Remembrance Day Assembly – more details to follow
  • November 11th – Remembrance Day stat
  • November 17-18 – Early dismissal Day, student conferences, and 1st reporting period – more details to come.

Watch for emails and Class Dojo posts from Classroom Teachers regarding upcoming outings, consent forms, and permission forms. 

Parent Advisory Updates

Hot lunch and pizza day will be starting up in the 2nd week of November.  Parents/guardians, please keep your eyes open for the email/class dojo instructions as no late orders will be accepted. 

Mask Reminder

Please send your child with a labeled cloth mask each day.  Currently, the school is going through a lot of disposable masks, which all end up in the trash.  In some cases, it is the same children accessing the masks each day.  Teachers are on their end trying to reinforce with students the routine of keeping a mask throughout the day.  It is perhaps just a consequence of the time, but nice if we can all do our part to keep as many masks as possible out of the landfill. 

Take care Hume community!