4 Reminders and Happy Family Day!

By Janene Stein, Principal - Hume Elementary

You will find the latest letter regarding the Covid-19 virus and advice from Interior Health on the school webpage. 

Four Reminders:

1. The students are returning to school on Tuesday, Feb 18 which is Winter Activities Day.  They can't be late and they'll need their equipment.  I'm sure teachers will Dojo you as well in so you won't forget.  

2.  Kindergarten Registration is happening now.  Did you hear a couple of Hume School students on the radio advising you of this?  It was fun to take them to the station to record the ad.  Please tell all your friends that we are accepting registrations now.  It seems very far away, but our staffing numbers are dependent on the student numbers we know in March. Please spread the word!

3. Our school webpage has been changed and I am updating it regularly with school information.  You may have noticed I haven't sent out a newsletter and that is because I am updating the calendar and attempting to use the webpage as the newsletter.  The calendar can be found under the News Hub tab.  A mobile version of the website is in the works.  

4. Burger and Beer night!  Watch for the notices for this upcoming PAC event!  Thanks PAC!

Happy Family Day!  It is really interesting to be at the beginning of establishing a new holiday!  I hope you are using this weekend to celebrate and create a family tradition that works for you.  In our family, we get together for lunch sometime during the Family Day weekend, and this year we're meeting on Saturday.  Regardless of your family configuration or size I hope you get to spend time creating memories with your children. 

Finally, thank you for the Valentine's excitement in the school.  I loved seeing how happy the children were giving out their carefully created Valentine's cards.  You're helping them make strong connections with others when you show how you care and get them to care, too!  

Janene Stein

By Janene Stein, Principal - Hume Elementary

Janene is a proud former student of Hume Elementary School and has been the Principal at Hume since September, 2018.  Prior to Hume, Janene was the Principal at Redfish Elementary.   She has her Masters of Education degree (U of Alberta) and a B.Ed from U of Victoria.  Her passions include outdoor education, supporting all learners and creating welcoming and supportive environments.