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 June 2018 

Hume School Newsletter

From the Principal’s Desk:

As we move into the last few weeks of this school year, I have reflected on those things that have created such a fabulous school year.

The learning throughout the year that our students participated in has been amazing!!  The staff continue to build real-life learning opportunities for the students to engage in.  Even in June, many of the outdoor adventures, are not just about year end fun adventures (although that’s there too!) June activities continues to build on the connections established all year.

I wish to send a big shout out to our school PAC. Through the year, funds from PAC have supported classrooms, field trips, grade 5 activities, and of course the playground that will be installed sometime this summer.  Parent volunteers have been eager to participate and support us when needed and that puts a smile on my face.  We cannot do many things without this incredible team!! The reality of the playground coming this summer and of course the success of the Ice Cream Social certainly shows off what great team work accomplishes!!

I am very proud of so many things that happen here at Hume Elementary!!  I have many ideas from here that I will take with me to my new school and hope to build upon the successes they have there as well. Hume Elementary is a huge feather in my cap of experiences!! Words are hard to find to say how fortunate I feel to be a part of this school and the community.

Equally, I am glad to have worked with all of this staff, you and your children. I have my picture of Nelson that will hang proudly n my new space at Adam Robertson Elementary School. But, I will always have great memories of Hume!


Change is not easy, but an opportunity to grow and learn as part of a learning journey. I find that this change does bring with it a surge of new and different energy. Again, that opportunity to learn and grow. After all, working with new people in all walks of life, expands our own skills and perspectives that can enrich our lives and of those around us.  As we adapt to what’s new (and students do this every year), we can reflect on what’s most important to us, what we can make different and what’s okay to let go of.  Change really is an opportunity for everyone!

I know that I personally have gained so much from being here.  Thank you!





Thank you PAC for this wonderful print!


 FOR 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

This time of the year is always busy and included in that is the planning for next year’s classes.  If you know of anyone in our catchment needing to register for next year please help us with the reminder and encourage them to come in!! All forms are on line at or come in to the school.

Likewise, If you are moving and will not be at Hume for school next year, we would like to know that too.

If you are wanting a transfer, the process is a request by application form from your local school.  At this time of year, these are waitlisted until the first Friday of September for all district schools, pending room.



Meet Janene Stein – your new Principal of Hume Elementary, starting for September 2018!



Please return all library books before Friday June 15th.  Overdue notices will go out after that.


As we finish the last month of this school year, please remember our students still need a good sleep (harder to do with the longer days), and to be on time for school. Routines for students are important as they build a sense of calmness to start the day.  We have seen a significant increase in the morning lates. Thanks to those who call including ones due to appointments.  This is appreciated.




What you need to know and remember for next school year:

The school provides the school supplies for students.  Costs to parents are as follows:

$60 for grade 1 to 5.  This includes the agenda with supplies. Fees due before September 30th.

$50 for Kindergarten students (no agenda) fees due before September 30th.

PAC will host a start up tea for new families to Hume. This follows the general welcome back assembly on Tues.Sept.4th

PAC meetings are held once a month. There is an information bulletin board at school.

The district calendar for the 2018-2019 school year is available on line at (check for Pro D

days and school holiday times)


When you return in September, please update any changes to phone numbers, addresses and emergency contacts.

Class assignments will be determined in the fall.  With registrations for all grades still coming in, shuffling and adjustments will still occur. 

 Coming up:

June 5th –Welcome to Kindergarten – for new registered families

June 8t--last popcorn day

June 15th – Last Pizza day

June 15th Movie night TBA

June 18th – “Come Read with Me” kindergarten parent workshop (notices are coming)

June 20th – School Bike Rodeo

June 27th – 3rd  Annual ‘Colour Wars’

June 28th – year end assembly, Grade 5 send off , classes dismissed at 11:30am

June 29th – no school for students


September 4th Schools open for new school year!